We use hundreds of thousands of objects everyday not even thinking why, when, how and by who they were designed. I’m used to the thought that the teak chair I’m sitting on, or my favourite oversized jumper, or even the bathtub I’m using were designed by someone. But have you ever thought that there might be a really interesting design story behind the pavement, radiator thermostat, a washing bowl or obstetric forceps? No? Then make should you read the ‘101 Danish design icons’. I guarantee you’ll change the way you see objects that surrounds you in your everyday life. The book is also an interesting guide to the history of such design classics as the PH lamp, Vipp pedal bin, Netto logo, LEGO brick, ECCO shoes and many more. Definitely worth reading.

Photo credit goes to (in order of appearance) goldendaysfestival.dkamazon.com