I had a pleasure of watching a Danish documentary film on Børge Mogensen this week. ‘Designs for life’ is a story of the wooden furniture designer’s private and professional life, honestly told by his son Thomas. Mogensen was a hell of a designer, that’s no news. Gifted, intelligent, hardworking, astonishingly prolific, stubborn and … very modest. Jasper Morrison called him a ‘well kept secret’: “I knew about Jacobsen, Wegner, (…) and some others, but not Mogensen” – he said in ‘Mogensen 100 years’ brochure published by Fredericia Furniture, producer of Mogensen’s furniture. If I ask myself how this could have happened the only answer I can find is that Mogensen designs are intentionally discreet”. In turn Christian Holmsted Olsen, head of collections and exhibitions at Design Museum Denmark underlined the fact that he “did not have the recognition he deserved in the heyday of Danish design, but (…) the world’s demand for quality materials and attention to detail guarantees that Mogensen’s time is fast approaching”.

No doubt about it. It’s his love for wood, uncompromising pursue of high quality and this modest luxury thing are what actually made me write this post. I’m a great fan of wooden furniture for a few reasons, one of which is the fact that it becomes a part of you and your life. Wood keeps traces of your memories and is everlasting. But it’s not only that. There’s something more to it. Call me crazy, but I stroke my chairs at least 5 times a day. Touching the warm satin surface of wood is somehow magical. I love the details, like the way the fabric meets the wood and all pieces are fused together without a single screw. Knowing that my vintage chairs and table were manufactured not produced, that they are quality stuff, that they will gain value in time, that my grandchildren will probably sit on them, that I will not have to buy any chairs for the next 60 years or so and – finally – that it’s money really well spent, fills me with satisfaction and a sense of peace. That’s what you get for choosing wood. Plus the view! Just have a look.