Today I’d like to invite you to the Japanese vintage home of Katsuya Kamo, a Tokyo based hairstylist. His house is one of many places where Todd Selby – photographer, director, author and illustrator – has left his footprint. It’s a part of ‘The Selby’ project presenting interesting people in creative spaces, including their own homes.

What I particularly like about this Japanese vintage home is the fact that it’s so eclectic and unique. So very much Katsuya Kamo’s. So different from the clean and perfectly finished interiors found on Pinterest (with all due respect for Pinterest, that I’m a great fan of). One might feel  a little overwhelmed by the multitude of objects and the curvature of the walls and the ceiling. However if you look very closely you’ll discover that nothing is accidental here. Almost every piece of furniture and every object in this interior is old, used, carefully selected and set. They seem to tell their own unique stories of how they have been manufactured, how many kilometres they have travelled, who and how used them and finally  – how they reached Tokyo and what their future is going to be. As ‘vintage’ is my middle name, I just couldn’t not love what I see here.

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